Rental Energy Tailored to Your Business Needs

Understanding of your Industry Sector

Aggreko delivers solutions across a wide range of industries, helping organisations throughout the world, from Construction to Contracting and Shipping to Events, benefit from our expertise, skills and knowledge in the rental generator, cooling, air conditioning and heating disciplines.

30-years Experience in Rental in France

Aggreko has also become known for providing innovative industrial emergency temporary rental solutions that increase production, increase product quality and reduce operating costs.

Recognized Expertise in Different Areas

  • Temporary power plants up to 100 MW in Kenya
  • High voltage electrical plants
  • Commissioning of power generators during maintenance on utility grid in France
  • Cooling process enhancement in refineries and chemical plants
  • Official supplier of temporary power for FIFA WC 2010, 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games, 2008 Beijing Olympic Games
  • Performance optimization and electrical consumption reduction for your electrical and cooling plants

Your Satisfaction is our Priority

We collect and we control the satisfaction of our Customers at the end of hire period through a survey sent by a third party. We commit to take all preventive, corrective and continuous improvement actions in order to provide the best quality of service for your equipment rental.


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