Our expertise in power generation rentals for aeronautics industry
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Rental of power generation and temperature control units for the aeronautics industry

Turnkey services for electricity production and temperature control

Maintaining production rates in the aeronautics industry and meeting delivery schedules are key elements needed to satisfy your customers. Energy needs vary according to the order book and the season. Having a reliable and appropriate source of power presents a challenge for production, maintenance and construction managers.

For more than 50 years, Aggreko has been assisting you by providing temporary power solutions, with rentals from 3 days to several months: Generator rentals, Cooling, air conditioning and heating unit rentals. Our forte is to optimise operating costs and ensure reliability and availability for your business, with the right solution at the right time.

Temporary power: our references for the aeronautics industry

  • Civil and military aviation industry
Autonomous electricity production, industrial cooling, temperature and humidity control: the same Aggreko service quality on all production, assembly or testing sites, by means of its global network of more than 200 agencies.
  • SIAE Le Bourget, Farnborough, ILA, Airex
Aggreko also supplies power and temperature control systems for major global aeronautical events.

Our expertise in power generation rentals for the aeronautics industry

Plans for securing electrical power ContinYou®: Backup for airport control towers, public areas and sensitive production sites.

Multi-MVA electrical power stations: Secure your production sites, restart in the event of an emergency, 24 hours per day, seven days per week, removing peaks. Transformers and High Voltage expertise.

Generator rentals

  • Standby/back-up with automatic start-up, 30 kVA - 2100 kVA.
  • Zero outage with coupling and load distribution.
  • Remote monitoring and cost reduction using telemetry.
  • Autonomy on isolated sites, not connected to the grid.

Industrial cooling units: Rent a cooling unit hooked-up to the production process, for auxiliary refrigeration in summer or to alleviate a system failure. Rapidly deliver chilled water production units, cooling towers, air coolers, heat exchangers, pipes.

Air conditioning, air handling and heating unit rentals

  • Temperature and humidity control in painting booths.
  • Clean room low-temperature air conditioning
  • Large volume air handling for a hangar.
  • Offer the comfort of a reversible air conditioning rental.

With a network of agencies all over France, we offer fast service from experts: qualified and certified electricians, authorised for High Voltage work, refrigeration engineers, air conditioning experts, load test bench rental specialists for load tests, integrated logistics team for transport management, industrial diesel purchase team EN-590.

Our Customer Service Department is on-call, 24 hours a day, seven days per week, at 0825 008 007 or via a simple form at Request for Rental Quote.

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