Meet Production, maintenance, emergency need with temporary refrigeration, heating, power

Aggreko's experience in the Refining Industry

Rental energy solutions for emergency, planned turnaround, or process and production improvement to refiners

Aggreko can provide a full service in engineering and project management support, as well as emergency response to equipment failure supporting maintenance manager or operational to restart a production unit in a rapid, safe and reliable manner.

For turnaround managers Aggreko engineers can design temporary solutions, reducing intervention time incapacities or columns, develop a  flare less turnaround, or develop high level electrical distribution for contractors.

The Aggreko Process Services team dedicated to process engineers and production managers providing them innovative flexible solutions maximizing production rates and product quality, increasing profit margins and allowing them to capture the market opportunity.

Aggreko’s Refining related services include:

  • A full range of generator rentals equiped for refineries for all your temporary power needs
  • Largest fleet of portable, modular cooling towers available through Aggreko Cooling Tower Services
  • Improving temperature related limitations in various refinery processes (overheads condensation, vacuum improvement, rundowns cooling, gas separation)
  • Adressing seasonal debottlenecking solution in various refinery units (cdu / vdu / fcc / reformer / visbreaker / offsite / alkylation)
  • Supplemental air to process units like in FCC regenerators
  • Temporary cooling and electrical power during repairs and turnarounds
  • Heat exchanger cleaning in operation to avoid production stoppage

Issues Aggreko can help you with :

  • Reducing excess fuel-gas make
  • Increase WGC efficiency
  • Better H2/HC separation in reformer units
  • Increase alkylate rates
  • Adress high acid consumption and corrosion issues
  • Reduce rundown temperatures
  • Improve product rates and quality
  • Improving operating efficiencies and lowering costs
  • Reduce maintenance downtime and costs
  • Reduce venting and environmentally sensitive emissions.

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