Rental solutions for asbestos removal professionals
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Rental solutions for asbestos removal professionals

Asbestos sites: It is cheaper to rent your equipment

Searching for the presence of asbestos, giving advice and risk prevention is your core business. It requires expert knowledge on the many legislative, safety and environmental constraints.

During asbestos containment and removal work, you need to cope with extremely diverse environments. It is not always simple, or cost effective, to invest in equipment suitable for every situation, or to arrange the best solution - at the right place and at the right time - in order to ensure that your workers can perform their task in complete safety within the allotted time.

Aggreko specialists can assist you in your asbestos removal work by providing the right solutions and a comprehensive rental package that is flexible, exclusive and designed to meet your constraints.

Rental Electricity/Breathable Air/Temperature package

Operations which generate large amounts of dust can be undertaken in complete safety and in compliance with current and future legislation, using an Aggreko Electricity/Breathable Air/Temperature package.

This rental solution will give you peace of mind by helping you prepare for the reduction in TLVs being introduced as of July 2015.

The Aggreko package is flexible and is adaptable to the duration of your work, the number of workers and the availability or otherwise of electrical power on-site.

It will limit costs, and provides a fully adapted service allowing you to benefit from the responsiveness and services of our specialists, 24 hours a day, all over France.

A complete turnkey service for autonomous electricity production, the delivery of breathable air and temperature control, offering: modularity and control of rental costs, expertise in the field of legislation and safety for asbestos removal in public works, advice and design of worksites, delivery, installation and commissioning, management of NRG, certification of our equipment, assistance 24 hours per day, seven days per week, all over France.

Rental power generators, Breathable air unit, distribution panel

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Asbestos is a term designating certain industrial fibrous minerals.At the end of the nineteenth century, asbestos attracted the attention of industry because of its resistance to heat, fire, voltage, electrical and chemical attack, as well as for its absorbent power.
It has been extensively used in buildings for its flame retardant and insulating properties, its flexibility, its electrical resistance and sometimes for its resistance to chemicals.This material is dangerous to health however, and many buildings need to have the asbestos removed.

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