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Energy Rental: Power, Cooling, Air Conditioning and Heating

Our business: rent of power generator, commercial and industrial cooling, air conditioning and heating. Near you, Aggreko offers a wide range of power generators tailored to your industry need, and the world largest fleet of specialized equipment for rental. In 2009, the fleet consisted of 13000 generators from 30 to 2000 kVA, or more than 2900 MW power capacity. Aggreko's fleet includes more than 2000 chillers, or 920 MW, more than 2000 distribution panels,  and 400 cooling towers.

  • Rental power solutions: test, production, transforming, distribution, uninterruptible power.

  • Rental temperature control solutions: industrial cooling, commercial cooling, air handling, air conditioning, heating, deshumidification

  • Our services: design, engineering, logistics, set-up, commissioning, 24x7 technical support, fuel management, Aggreko Energy Saver, remote control and monitoring of our electrical and cooling plants.

Advantages of renting with Aggreko:

  • Industry-specialized technical experts
  • Network of local service centres
  • The world largest rental fleet of specialized equipment
  • 24x7 availability in case of an emergency

To speak to one of our team in France please call

+33 825 000 129

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