Loadbank Hire

Resistive and Reactive Loadbanks

Aggreko's reliable temporary loadbanks are a perfect solution to test electrical systems and prevent costly breakdowns as well as optimise production during maintenance phases. Aggreko offers a wide range of specialised services and resistive and reactive loadbanks.

Characteristics :

  • from 500 kw to 6.5 MVa
  • Test BT and HT
  • Saving tests datas in USB Key and export to excel.
  • Synchronise and share with a unique command control panel.

Applications :

  • Electrical Installation (Test all or part of an electrical installation)
  • Industry (Gas motors, transformers....)
  • Datacenters (Run maintenance tests on equipments...)
  • Nuclear (Combustion testsTAG, TAC....)
  • Shipping (motor tests)

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