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Aggreko Remote Control 

Save energy and cost with our new remote monitoring system

Solve problems by preventing them from happening

Available on Aggreko generators, the ARM solution transmits real-time data from equipment, allowing Aggreko to anticipate, diagnose and solve problems faster and with greater accuracy — and proactively head off potential issues.

While the ARM equipment is on a customer’s site, Aggreko is able to directly monitor operations and loads, maintenance requirements, run hours, warning and failure alarms, fuel levels and GPS location.

Aggreko technical staff is responsible for monitoring ARM units and coordinating responses to notifications. These alerts enable Aggreko’s technical experts to respond before problems occur, or rapidly deploy their resources to resolve the issue on-site.

Key Benefits:

  • Maximize uptime.
  • Get immediate response/assistance from Aggreko specialists.
  • Proactive monitoring helps to minimize risk and resolve issues before incidents occur.
  • Technicians arrive prepared to immediately fix the problem.
  • Increase machine productivity.
  • Improve operational efficiency.

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