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  • June - Temporary Cooling for "Parc des Expositions du Bourget"  (International air show fair)
  • December - More of 100 temporary ice-rinks In France 
  • July-August- concerts and festivals in France


  • Cooling at +30°C for ARKEMA with Energy saving of 485,000 KW/h of Electric power.
  • Cooling solutions for TOTAL Petrochemicals France, with environmental impact


  • March - GE WIND ENERGY for testing off line grid connection of Wind Farm
  • 2010/2013 -  EDF FIRE CONTRACT in case of emergency, climatics events - fleet up to 800 power generators
  • May - Tests by temporary loadbanks - Combustion tests in CNPE Chooz for EDF
  • March - Electrical Power Plant 10 MW for securisation plan of french water industry - Lyonnaise des Eaux - Suez Environnement

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